Monday, October 25, 2010

Day One

Well here I am in all my glory!, Exposing all my secrets! My name is Stacie and I'm over weight....I have done my homework and have found the programs that will work best for my crazy non responsive body, for know that I have tried every miracle pill in the book, and I have found there isn't a get thin quick trick...that's what it is ya know? A trick!! So, I have decided on Weight watchers and wearing a pedometer and going 10,000 steps a day. Simple enough right? Lots of water, and sleep. So far I have eaten up 12 little points out of the 31 per day I'm supposed to have and I have done 1,000 steps hmmm the step thing may have to be a build up thing for I figured out it's about 5 miles, ha ha that seems so farrr!!! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, Stacie! You can totally do this! I'm starting a new facebook fitclub to run November/December ... I'll send you an invite. You set the goals and then check in with the group. I'd love to support ya along the way! ;)

  2. Stacie- I have posted a similar blog. It's Maybe we can be weight watcher buddies! It is not a time for discouragement, but a time for encouragement! You can do it and so can I, but it is hard. The most important thing is a great support group! Love you and good luck along the journey!